Hairdryer for Professional Use

Styling talent for all hairstyles. Variable power. Every detail is easy to manage.

Accessories: 1 OAS professional nozzle with patented Over Air System, 1 OAS Plus nozzle specially designed for long hair 
High efficiency: 2 speed settings, 4 heat settings and cool-shot button. 
Easy-care features: Easy-Cleaning by means of detachable special-steel permanent filter. 
Top-detail: OAS professional nozzle with patented Over Air System. 

Technical Specifications:

Type Hairdryer for professional H11
Supply voltage 220-240 V, 60 Hz
Power input max. 2 100 W
Air flow max. 22,5 l/s
Heating stages 4
Cold switch Yes
Cable 3m professional round cable
Weight approx. 575 grams (without cable) 

CATEGORY hair dressing
NTC 8502607