Macadamia Oil Cream Color offers the stylist a vast color palette. It provides unlimited options for creative minds in all color applications; color accents, highlights and lowlights. It leaves the hair with incredible shine and superb condition. Oil Cream Color gives 100% grey coverage. Shades range from natural tones to dazzling reds and shimmering blondes.

 General information

The liberating union of oil and the pure color pigment allows freedom for color molecules to penetrate deep into the cuticle and absorb into the internal hair shaft. This allows for amazing coverage while promoting shine and natural dimension. The high absorbency provided by the oil allows long lasting effects that extend way past the average color. Healthy hair is promoted during the entire service. Not only does the oil optimize color results, it also helps restore hair health by replenishing lost emollients, moisturizing individual strands and combating the damaging effect of the coloring process.


•Simple to mix

•Easy to apply

•Does not stain the scalp

•Pleasant fragrance

•Infused with macadamia oil

BRAND Macadamia Natural Oil
CATEGORY hair coloring
NTC 3938053