Hot Straightening Brush

With the Liss Brush 3D Hot Straightening Brush, use a new straightening gesture for a result that's shiny and natural!

This straightening brush is one of a kind! As easy to use as a classic brush, it combs, ideally positions the hair and straightens your hair to perfection. The result is worthy of a professional: your hair is silky without frizz.


Rectangular design to straighten more hair than a conventional oval brush 3 bristle sizes:

  • 34 PLASTIC BRISTLES for gentle detangling
  • 50 SILICON BRISTLES for positioning as close as possible to the heating element
  • 42 CERAMIC BRISTLES and a ceramic heating base for quick and effective straightening

Ceramic coating: to care for the hair

3 temperatures: 160° C / 180° C / 200° C, suitable for all hair types

Ionic function: anti-frizz, eliminates static electricity.

LED display: triple temperature indicator

Cord: 1.80 meter

BRAND Babyliss Paris
CATEGORY hair electrical
NTC 3500100