An easy to use, no strip hair remover wax in a disc form that gently lifts away short, coarse hair for an ultra-smooth skin. It is infused with natural ingredients to cool and moisturize your skin while reducing irritation. This wax is gentle on delicate and sensitive area and suitable for all types of skin. It leaves no sticky residue, and needs no strips, ready in minutes and ideal for hard to remove hair.

Direction of Use:

  • Heat the wax disc in a wax heater/ warmer on a medium temperature level until liquid consistency is achieve then set the unit at the desired working temp.
  • Using a spatula, apply and smooth the wax on a desired body parts in the direction of hair growth.
  • Let it cool and press the wax gently, hold it at one end, and strip it off in one quick motion. The direction of stripping should be opposite to that of hair growth.
  • Apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your finger or palm of hand to calm the skin.
  • Apply the Novell Post Epil lotion to remove any wax residue and to condition and refine pores.
BRAND Novell
CATEGORY depilation
NTC 4757705