Indola Innova Kera Restore Shampoo is a shampoo that restored and strengthened the hair. The hair is cleaned and the natural power of extremely damaged, brittle hair is restored. The formula with Micro Keratin Complex builds the cell deep into the hair shaft again for a resilient hair fiber. The hair is not aggravated after using the Indola Innova Kera Restore Shampoo. Kera Restore Shampoo can be used daily.

Use both the shampoo and the Kera Kera Restore and Restore Spray Serum Treatment for a complete treatment. After just one treatment with Indola Innova Kera Restore hair 100% restored and strengthened.

Wash the hair with Kera Restore Shampoo while gently massaging the scalp to get the Service started.

Should you choose to use the entire Kera Restore fomentation you should do it in the following way:

Wash hair with Kera Restore Shampoo. Then apply the Kera Restore Treatment and distribute evenly. Let the product 5 to 10 minutes to sit in your hair and then wash off with lukewarm water. Finally brings you enduring the Kera Restore Spray Serum. Hair then your hair and style as desired.

BRAND Indola
CATEGORY hair care
NTC 2301156