Techno fruit. Color

SIZE: 100 ml

Permanent Hair Coloring Cream

Permanent oxidation hair colouring cream with a high cosmetic action enriched in Garcinia Mangostana. Its rich formula, boosted with the innovative Keratin Delivery System technology, acts in synergy with the elevated concentration of anti-oxidizing agents derived from Garcinia Mangostana to guarantee brilliant tones and long lasting colours, and to fully respect the hair structure. The Keratin Delivery System (K.D.S) effectively transfers the colorant pigments and the active principles within the hair structure, to reach excellent grey cover and maximum chromatic expression. The protecting properties of the Garcinia Mangostana help counter the external oxidizing agents and the formation of free radicals, to guarantee a more even and intense colour result. Keratin and the other active principles, Cotton Oil, Silk Proteins and Linseed Oil, all of natural derivation not only help to enrich the formula but also help to boost the colouring service by carrying out a deep regenerating and strengthening action. Their high performance properties together with the nourishing and illuminating actions of Honey, restore natural balance to the hair fibre leaving it soft, vital and full of newfound brilliance.

BRAND Alter Ego
CATEGORY hair coloring
NTC 2322628