Moroccanoil Ghassoul Face & Body Mask Kit

is rich with essential nutrients, this all natural Ghassoul Powder provide extra nourishment to the skin, revealing a healthy and smooth skin.

Other Product Feature’s & benefits:

  • 100% Natural  Clay.
  • Has outstanding ability to cleanse, nourish, and conditions the skin.
  • Contains high percentage of silica, Mg2, Ca2, K+, and other trace minerals, that provides healthier, younger looking, and more radiant skin.

40ml. Btl. Clay powder 40% +60ml. Btl. Activator 60%

Measuring Spoon, Spatula, Mixing Bowl

Directions for Use:

Preparation of Clay Mixture:

1.Use the spoon included in the kit
2.Take one large spoon of the Clay powder
3.Add one & a half large spoon of the activator
4.Mix together to obtain a smooth creamy paste
5.Add more activator if needed.


•Apply a medium layer of the paste that has been prepared on the whole face & neck area.
•Leave for at least 10-20min or until it dries.
•Rinse your face with water.
•You will feel your skin clean, refreshed & nourished.

Content & Size:

 40ml bottle clay powder 40%

60ml. Bottle Activator 60%

Mixing Bowl, measuring Spoon, Spatula

Instructional leaflet

Made in Lebanon

BRAND Moroccan Oil
CATEGORY skin care
NTC 3777610