Convenience at your convenience.
The unique Salon Console fold-away basin system has been created to allow for the optimum use of space as well as the practicality of an occasional shampoo basin. Perfect for VIP rooms, small Barber's shops, spas, and make-up rooms, the Salon Console is clean, neat, compact and ready for shampooing as and when required.

Salon Console provides an excellent cutting and wash station in one (expandable) unit, utilising the rotation and recline of a chair to its fullest benefit.

The ingenuity of the Salon Console saves space from the moment it’s installed – possibly space for an alternative service. The Console converts from a functional cutting area to a fully-fledged washpoint (or vice versa) by lowering one drawer. The lightweight basin folds away easily and without trace: any remaining water drips are tidily collected in a concealed tray.

DESIGNED FOR Male Grooming Salons, Barbershops, Salons, Hotels, VIP rooms and Beauty Spas.

BRAND Takara Belmont
CATEGORY salon/spa furniture
NTC 3809186