Dermopurifying facial treatment that targets the oily areas of the skin in a selective way. Indicated for combination and oily skins. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. Especially suitable for the selective treatment of skins that show an anti-aesthetic aspect caused by excess sebum: thick skins, dilated pores, black-heads, keratosis, excess shine, etc.

LIPACIDE C8G®: inhibits the proliferation of germs during sebum accumulation. PORTULACA EXTRACT: helps maintain a uniform skin complexion without alterations. BETA HYDROXYDE ACSD®: antiseptic. AZELOSOME®: prevents possible plug formation in the hair follicles. MARINE AFFINISPHERE®: intelligently regulates the sebum secretion. AMIPORINE®: hydrates the skin. AQUA SHUTTLE®: long lasting 24h hydration.

Its action ranges from the normalization and treatment of skins with mild tendency toward excessive oil production, to the correction of more severe conditions, inhibiting the formation of blackheads and papules, also avoiding the proliferation of germs and the development of seborrheic processes.

Mattified and hydrated skin.

The mask absorbs impurities and waste substances set free as a result of the functioning of the cells. It has a firming and stimulating effect on the muscles due to the spectacular release of cold.

BRAND Casmara
CATEGORY skin care
NTC 3480527