XENOX - 5.5 IN / 14 CM

One look at the specially angled handles and ring shapes speaks volumes about the quality of the Xenox scissors, with their matte brushed finish and polished blades. Every finger glides into its optimum ergonomic position for comfortable, fatigue-free work. Perfect handling is guaranteed.

Besides the perfect ergonomic design, the Xenox is a stunning example of superior metalwork and high-end scissor making. The slightly curved, powerful blades give the Xenox, with its perfect cutting angle, an indescribably smooth cutting sensation. With razor sharpness lent by fully integrated cutting edges and DC honing of both blades, these scissors cut the hair with unmistakable lightness and make the Xenox, from the Champion Class, perfect for slice cutting.

BRAND Jaguar
CATEGORY hair dressing tools
NTC 3302254