YUME Washing Chair

Turn your shampoo bowl into a multi-function area with the Yume shampoo and create new income possibilities for your salon. Your technician can stand and shampoo or remain seated to perform an extended spa for hair treatment. Your customer relaxes in the lounge chair while the head is supported ergonomically.

Taking comfort to a whole new level and surpassing all prior experiences at the basin. A new style of shampoo is born for the forward thinking salon.

Maximum comfort is achieved by the newly developed neck support. Two individual supports, together with the neck cushion mean that the head is supported in 3 different areas creating the perfect balance. This minimizes the strain on the neck even if your customer needs to stay at the basin for longer periods of time.

The comfort of both the customer and stylist were taken into consideration when designing the YUME SHAMPOO. If a longer treatment such as a complete head spa is requested the customer takes advantage of the neck support and the soft seat and the stylist is able to use a stool to which helps maintain a comfortable position.

BRAND Takara Belmont
CATEGORY hair dressing equipment
NTC 3809187